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The PODO i MAT system is the plantar pressure mapping technology. It provides information about the pressure distribution on foot and loading of the anatomical structures of the foot. This system can be utilized when evaluating the possible effect of specialized physiotherapy or a surgery operation measuring the pressure distributions before and after the treatment. The PODO i MAT system produces high resolution image of the plantar pressure distribution with multi colours.

Used to identify

System Requirements



Foot Work Pro, Advanced technology allows the Foot Work Pro plates to measure pressure and force distribution accurately with high speed and high resolution. Footwork can become essential for your clinical examination. It has a truly amazing capacity for communication between patients and prescribers. We design and manufacture our electronic podo meters, our goals are to bring on the market the only product 100% French in which we control the technology completely. With the joint effort of our electronics engineers and data processing specialists, the development and research of footwork Pro took several years of study in order to bring you a product whose design features correspond to your waitings. The evolutions and optimisation constitute a significant part of our research.


Foot Work Pro: Static analysis

Customizable record and frequency of time. Image presented on the display is the average of the data collected. Indicated location of maximum and average pressures. Pressure distribution front and back , left and right and also by specific areas. Measurements of distances and angles. 



Right and left centers of pressure. Projection of the centre of gravity. maximum pressure.


Advanced posturographic analysis: Ellipses of the canters of pressure. Oscillation front and sagittal plan. Ratio of the areas and time for the frontal and sagittal plan. Setting of ratio of points taken for calculation of the ellipse.


Print Manager: Very powerful, up to 4 different option. Print Preview. Portrait or landscape.

Foot Work Pro: Dynamic analysis with video

With its dynamic analysis video FootWork Pro allows you to synchronize the podometric picture and its video in frontal or sagittal plan, to optimize your clinical analysis.

The perfect synchronization of the webcam and the pressure plate enables you to visualize simultaneously the unrolling step and the variation of the pressures.



The electronic pedometer Foot Work controlled by the software is professional system analysis and high reliability. It has been studied by and projected according to the standards of most modern electronic engineering, this in order to guarantee you an extremely accurate.



Graphically illustrates high-pressure points and weight imbalance as darkened areas, which may become points of ulceration for the diabetic patient. Complete with reinforced plastic printer, an ink roller, paper and ink.



In order to keep pace with never ending demands of customers our company provides excellent quality range of Infrared Medical Thermometer to our reputed customers. This Infrared Thermometer is used to know the local temperature of the skin in that spot and corresponding spot on the other foot. Provided product is strictly inspected on several quality parameters before getting delivered to customers.
Technical specifications



The spectrasole is in the first placement to be used by diabetic care givers and orthopaedic specialists. It is not meant to be used by a patient at home. The device consists of a folder which you can open and close. In this folder two indicating plates glued. One for each foot. The device also includes an IR thermometer to measure the temperature with and a pen with removable Ink to write identification data (i.e. name and day of investigation). If you wish to make a remark about the size of the area of interest same plastic sheets are also included.

The invention of this device is that the heat remains so long time at the device so you can do your inspection without stress. Of course it will lose its heat in the contours in the beginning, but the warmest areas are to be seen for several minutes.

When you get a good picture from both feet you can easily determine where the spot is situated on the area of the foot. For example, about one square inch on the outside part of the right foot heal seems to be warmer that the opposite area of the left heal. This is important to know especially for an orthopaedic technician when he should produce, for example a cast to unload the foot.