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A Simple and economical tool for measurement of Vibration Perception Threshold. More the VPT More the risk of ulceration for a diabetic Foot .This has a manual control for applying vibration; it helps reduce the testing time by reaching close to the anticipated level faster. One can then gradually increase or decrease the voltages applied for precise detection of VPT. This also helps keeping the mechanism simple and cost effective.



Sensitometer HCP can cool to near freezing temperatures. And heating is restricted to 49 0 Centigrade. It has various modes to test the thresholds. Simpler modes help to quickly screen the patients. Sophisticated algorithms may be used as a powerful research tool.  Considering the foot geometry and for better response for heat pain in early stages of neuropathy, a circular noble metal probe tip is used with hard gold plating.



neuropad® is a new, easy to apply test to ascertain the hydrosis status of the sole of the foot and early detection of Diabetic Foot Syndrome for use by medical professionals and for self-monitoring by people with diabetes.
neuropad® test is applied on the balls of both feet for 10 minutes (alternative: 15min increased specifity).
Thereby you can diagnose the anhydrosis (symptom of a peripherical autonomical neuropathy) objectively and visually and counteract the effects of the Diabetic Foot Syndrome.
By the colour indicator the test displays the function of the c-nerves (responsible for the performance of the sweat glands). By sweat the test is changing its colour to rose with patients with healthy feet. Does the test only change its colour partial or not at all it is a distinct hint for an anhydroisis and points out a disturbance of the micro circulation. In that case a further neurological diagnosis is adviseable. The patient's attention should be drawn increasingly on a sufficient moisturization of their feet.

Particular benefits of neuropad® Test:



Absence of sensation for buckling of monofilament (10 gms/5.07) at given sites on foot indicates the foot is at risk. Absence of sensation for buckling of monofilament (10 gms/5.07) at given sites on foot indicates the foot is at risk. Available in a pack of 25 Monofilaments Multiple use. One Monofilament can be used for 3 to 4 Patients for 16 sites.